What is Protocols?

What is Protocols?

What is Protocols?

As in any other walk of life a protocol is just an agreed set of rules to be followed by all concerned. In this case all concerned means Modems which, by following recognized rules of procedure, can communicate with each other. At least, they can if they all follow the same set of rules. This being the software industry there is no such thing as a single standard. Instead many such protocols have been designed, each one just different enough so that there can be no communication between them.

For data transfer to take place both modems must be following the same protocol. Fortunately there are not that many to choose from:

X Modem – This is the simplest. File names are not automaticallysent alongside the data so any software using this system will ask for the name of the file currently being transferred.

Y Modem – An improved version of X Modem. During transfer file names are automatically added. It is also possible to send more than one file in the same transmission.

Z Modem – An improvement on Y Modem. If transmission is broken during a file transfer Z modem will transmit only the remainder of the file when the connection has been re-established.

Kermit – Named after the frog this is best described as an alternative to Z Modem.

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