Types of Operating System

Types of Operating System

There are Many Operating Systems those have be Developed for Performing the Operations those are requested by the user. There are Many Operating Systems which have the Capability to Perform the Requests those are received from the System. The Operating system can perform a Single Operation and also Multiple Operations at a Time. So there are many types of Operating systems those are organized by using their Working Techniques.

1)     Serial Processing: The Serial Processing Operating Systems are those which Performs all the instructions into a Sequence Manner or the Instructions those are given by the user will be executed by using the FIFO Manner means First in First Out. All the Instructions those are Entered First in the System will be Executed First and the Instructions those are Entered Later Will be Executed Later. For Running the Instructions the Program Counter is used which is used for Executing all the Instructions.

 In this the Program Counter will determines which instruction is going to Execute and the which instruction will be Execute after this. Mainly the Punch Cards are used for this. In this all the Jobs are firstly Prepared and Stored on the Card and after that card will be entered in the System and after that all the Instructions will be executed one by One. But the Main Problem is that a user doesn’t interact with the System while he is working on the System, means the user can’t be able to enter the data for Execution.

2)     Batch Processing: The Batch Processing is same as the Serial Processing Technique. But in the Batch Processing Similar Types of jobs are Firstly Prepared and they are Stored on the Card. and that card will be Submit to the System for the Processing. The System then Perform all the Operations on the Instructions one by one. And a user can’t be Able to specify any input. And Operating System wills increments his Program Counter for Executing the Next Instruction.

The Main Problem is that the Jobs those are prepared for Execution must be the Same Type and if a job requires for any type of Input then this will not be Possible for the user. And Many Time will be wasted for Preparing the Batch. The Batch Contains the Jobs and all those jobs will be executed without the user Intervention. And Operating System will use the LOAD and RUN Operation. This will first LOAD the Job from the Card and after that he will execute the instructions. By using the RUN Command.

The Speed of the Processing the Job will be Depend on the Jobs and the Results those are produced by the System in difference of Time which is used for giving or submit the Job and the Time which is used for Displaying the Results on the Screen.

3)     Multi-Programming: As we know that in the Batch Processing System there are multiple jobs Execute by the System. The System first prepare a batch and after that he will Execute all the jobs those are Stored into the Batch. But the Main Problem is that if a process or job requires an Input and Output Operation, then it is not possible and second there will be the wastage of the Time when we are preparing the batch and the CPU will remain idle at that Time.

But With the help of Multi programming we can Execute Multiple Programs on the System at a Time and in the Multi-programming the CPU will never get idle, because with the help of Multi-Programming we can Execute Many Programs on the System and When we are Working with the Program then we can also Submit the Second or Another Program for Running and the CPU will then Execute the Second Program after the completion of the First Program. And in this we can also specify our Input means a user can also interact with the System.

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