The 17 years old startup dream

The 17 years old startup dream

             The 17 years old startup dream

The climate of hope and excitement that was evident from the day the government took power has been clearly replaced. Within these three years petrol prices has increased for over 10 times and it is still gaining more. Petrol has become a requisite part of our life; we surely cannot imagine a day without it as it is basic need for transportation. India export crude oil from outside refining, transportation and handling increases the fuel charges automatically, but the abrupt increase in oil prices made them very expensive. Also government enforce taxes to fill up their treasury and we people are blindly accepting the prices and rates of the products very easily. Also there isn’t really any competition in the market because of the high demand, so no one really bothers about the high price and losing its customers.

You guys are already shaken your head in disgust with the gross increase, but it’s time now to add a petrol app to your smart phone and tablet. Petrobuddy is for all the common man out there who is facing several issues on fuel hiking rates. Petrobuddy is an app that allows users to navigate petrol prices in a wide range of areas within the given city. If you are in a run to find the cheapest petrol station to your nearby location than this app is a must for you. Whether you are poor, rich or middle class this app will keep you posted all the details you need to know about petrol prices hike and drop off. The app collects the data from various petrol stations and allows you to find the most convenient option nearby you, it is available free on internet. Their motive is to provide the best and cheapest fuel accessible in your area. This app let you access on different petrol station from over 20-25 cities.

Fuel prices are rising gradually and clearly it is affecting our day-to-day life. Petrol pricing directly affects the few major lifestyles sectors such as transportation, capitals, textiles etc. Increase in fuel price will have more severe effect on poor people as they are forced to spend their most of the income on food and household needs. VAT on petrol has been increased from 20% in 2014 to 27 % in 2017.Increase in petrol price will increase the transportation and that will lead to increase in price of goods and this will constrain people to loosen out their pocket even more. This has already shocked the common as well as middle class people, but these are things we don’t have control off. But there is one thing we can do to ease out our difficulties a little.


 Petrobuddy app is one of its kinds and it is the only app available in the Indian market that will provide you amazing deals on petrol pumps pricing and will update every user about the petrol price hikes and drop off. The project was started for about 20-25 days ago by a young boy named Vishesh bhandari a school going guy. He understood the customers need and worked consciously towards providing people an idea of relieve. He believes in to give best service to user

 Undoubtedly mobile apps are gaining high importance in today’s and PetroBuddy app joins the embryonic race of mobile applications and providing value to its customers, in reaching out nearby petrol pumps and finding cheapest fuel price available nearby.Help yourself out and help other drivers by finding the cheapest fuel stations and potentially saving some money.

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