Looking for a room as an unmarried couple? LuvStay actually makes your hunt easier.

Looking for a room as an unmarried couple? LuvStay actually makes your hunt easier.

My name is Sumit Anand and I am Co-founder of Luvstay.com established in 2016, an innovative startup online hotel reservation portal that specialize in a different area of target market. I am excited to get in touch with you and let you know about our new cool startup. The idea behind the website is to provide friendly hotels rooms to traveler and  adult couple with the local ids. We have been collaborated with various hotels in 17 cities and 100 plus hotels in our portal.  As well researched with the concept and I found that there is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from renting a room, as long as you have valid government identity card, you should be given room. We don’t  live in 1950’s anymore. What we are trying to change the mindset of society and hotelier.

I would like to arrange a personal introductory sessions to further emphasize on our company’s merit.

India is generally a very unwelcoming place for unmarried couples looking for some privacy. Most hotels will turn you away, without asking any questions. So it’s a pleasant surprise when you see someone taking a different approach.

“LuvStay-where every story is a luvstory”, tagline of LuvStay, a Delhi based startup that’s openly challenging the country’s conservative and orthodox attitude.

An entrepreneur has come to the rescue of unmarried couples in India.
The upsurge of the 21st century brought with it copious transformation with regards to relationship.But even today we find the society speaking in low hushes about unmarried couples spending some solitary together. The industry that gets invariably pulled into a moral science debate is none other than the hospitality sector.It’s a well-known fact that hotels in India are ridiculously stuck up about letting unmarried couples stay together in a hotel, especially if they hold local IDs and are from the same city. Regardless of the fact that it’s 2017 and we’re all consenting adults, a lingering attitude of protecting ‘Indian culture’ and a hesitancy to deal with the moral police that hounds this country prevents most hotels from changing their rules. A new startup LuvStay aims to change this for the better though.
Owned by Sumit Anand, a engineering graduate, the 2016 start-up aims to facilitate affordable room-renting services for short as 8-10 hours without any hassles. “There is no law in India that prohibits (unmarried) couples from renting a room. As long as you have a government identity card, you should be given a room.
Talking about security measures and moral policing he said. “We got in touch with people including lawyers to understand the legalities connected to providing rooms to unmarried couples. However no law prohibits unmarried couples froom renting rooms.
Travellers and lovers alike can find refuge, if only for a few hours, in hospitality establishments that have tied up with the LuvStay. Now that you have a few hours in private, the only thing you should be worried about is her thinking you can’t last that long. 😉

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