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Top 500 Co-working spaces in Bangalore you must look out for

Ways to build your business with a vibrant coworking community

At the heart of any coworking space is its community. At the staggering rate at which this sector is growing, sometimes this very essence of creating a community is lost. It is true that for any startup or independent contractor to function, the physical space and the other operational benefits plays a very important role. Today, there are numerous spaces offering posh working environment to its coworkers. However, the idea of coworking embodies and encompasses much more than that. In fact, it has very little to do with the physical space and more to do with a collaborative vibrant community.
So, even though you scout for a trendy work space, if the community building initiative is not there, you will likely suffer. That is why, at Bangalore Coworking Hub, we pay much emphasis on inter-team interaction, team building and community building initiatives. This ensures that connections and collaborations are built more organically. This, in turn, facilitates mutual support activities, business references and inter-team work collaborations.
Some activities, which can assist you to create a vibrant coworking community, are:
 Volunteering activities: By partnering with volunteering groups on common interests and activities, community members can break the ice and facilitate interaction.
Skill sharing sessions: Once a week, shared office spaces like Bangalore Coworking Hub organizes valuable skill sharing sessions. Community members provide details about the kind of skills and products that they have to the other members. This, in turn, can help members to partner together to work on bigger projects.
Host Meetups: Perhaps one of the most interesting way to facilitate community building is by organizing meetups. Whether to educate about what they are working on or to narrate their success stories, with such activities members can strengthen their network and take their business to the next level.

How Coworking can change the next-gen fintech startup scene

The way we work in the current professional scene has change dramatically over the years. Just 5 years back, traditional working environment was the only way to thrive in the industry. This has changed completely as more and more coworking communities started developing and branching out at a pace.
Today, we can see more and more startups and entrepreneurs from different sectors of the industry coming together for sustained and rapid growth.
It is not uncommon for corporates to join this movement as they are starting to see the value of being part of such a collaborative community.
One industry sector that can particularly benefit and gain traction from this movement is fintech. Entrepreneurs and independent contractors working in this sector can not only collaborate through a common coworking space but can also get access to mentors, investors and customers.
Coworking spaces like the  Coworking Hub often team with traditional banks and financial institutions to help the fintech sector reach its full potential. It can be fund raising assistance and advisory services targeted at assisting them to create and commercialize fintech business concepts. Additionally, by collaborating with banks, these startups will be able to foster innovation through partnerships.
This provides a great platform for startups who are working towards innovation and disruption in the finance and insurance sector. In addition, such communities often host fintech hackathons or hackerspaces where developers get together to design, innovate and collaborate on IT projects.

Cool networking event ideas to host in coworking spaces

In the current freelancing and startup ecosystem, networking has become a very crucial aspect of business. Much focus is being given to creating relationships rather than simply creating business contacts. That is why startup events, conferences and meetups have become vital to establishing vital business relationships. From marketing your products to branding and funding, the right networking strategies can go a long way in giving direction to your startup.
To help you manage costs, you can use your own coworking space to drive great networking ideas. Shared office spaces like the BangaloreCoworking Hub can be used to host different forms of networking events. From connecting with industry peers to influencers, mentors and VCs, you can build the right relationships to spread the word and support your success.
Some cool ideas to host in your coworking office are:
·       Set up demo sessions to get unbiased feedback from the rest of the community members. This will also help you identify gaps and prepare ahead of your launch.
·       You can schedule weekend happy hours and use the time to not only relax but also get to know your community members. As was mentioned before, if is always about building relationships than creating contacts.
·       You can open your door once or twice a month to meetups (tech meetups, cultural meetups etc) and share your ideas. It is also a great platform for cross learning and giving new direction to your business.
·       You can also organize an awesome hackathon in your space and learn more about the latest updates in the industry.
·       Coworking spaces are also a great platform to host 3-minute pitch sessions once a month wherein you can invite industry leaders and VCs to share the platform.
For more details and tips on creating interesting events in your coworking space, write to us and share your ideas.

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