Hybrid networks

Hybrid networks

Hybrid networks

  1. Hybrid networks are the networks that are based on both peer-to-peer & client-server relationship.
  2. Hybrid networks incorporate the best features of workgroups in peer-to-peer networks with the performance, security and reliability of server-based networks.
  3. Hybrid networks still provide all of the centralized services of servers, but they also allow users to share and manage their own resources within the workgroup.

Advantages of Hybrid Network

1. Client Server application are still centrally located and managed.

2. Users can assign local access to resources in their computers.

3. Workgroups can manage resources without requiring assistance from network administrator.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Network

1. Users may need to remember multiple passwords.

2. Files can be duplicated and changes overwritten between the computers with the shared folder and the Server.

3. Files saved on the workstation are not backed up.

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