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Python Level One

  • Welcome to Python Level One!
  • We’ve learned so much already that it may seem a bit crazy that we are only reaching Python now!
  • Your previous programming experience will make learning Python a breeze!
  • Over Level One and Level Two we will be covering a lot of the same general programming topics from Javascript and then expanding these to learn about Object Oriented Programming.
  • If you have already taken a Python course you may already know a lot of what we are going to cover.
  • You may find it easier to skip ahead to a section instead of starting from the beginning.
  • Let’s outline the topics of both Levels to give you an idea of where to start!
  • Python Level One
    • Numbers,Strings,Lists,Dictionaries
    • Tuples, Sets, Booleans
    • Control Flow
    • Functions
  • Python Level Two
    • Scope
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Errors and Exceptions
    • Decorators
    • Regular Expressions
  • Utilize the curriculum outline to jump to the lecture you feel is the most appropriate starting point for you!
  • Or if you are a complete beginner, just start from here!
  • It has been a long learning journey so far just to reach this point, congratulate yourself!
  • Everything you’ve learned so far is challenging material, so remind yourself that you are awesome!
  • Python  

    Installation and Set-up

  • For this course we will install Python using the Anaconda distribution.
  • A distribution is just a version of Python that also come pre-packaged with additional useful libraries.
  • The Anaconda distribution is quite large, so we will be leaving the full download of it as optional.
  • We will show how to install miniconda, a smaller version of Anaconda without the additional packages.
  • If you already have Anaconda or Python on your computer feel free to skip this installation lecture, but make sure to watch the ending where we set-up and configure Atom to have a terminal.
  • Let’s get started!