Top 5 Reasons Co-working Spaces Fail 2019 In Bangalore ?

1. Location

2. Layout and infrastructure

3. Authenticity

4. Amenities

5. Community

Why Coworking ?

1. The sum is greater than its parts

Whether you work for yourself or a larger company, coworking can allow you to tap into the minds and experience of others across various industries. From conducting user test groups with members to simply asking the opinion of someone sitting next to you, insight is there for the taking.

2. Change of pace

I know cubicles and fluorescent lights do it for some people, but what employee wouldn’t want a change of scenery? Coworking centers tend to have a more open, collaborative floor plan with quirky architectural features. This can help break up the day-to-day monotony of corporate settings. They also provide a range of flexible workspaces, from open area to office suites.

3. Deeper conversation

Many coworking centers have dedicated areas for conversation and collaboration. Gone are the days where everyone huddles around the water cooler and “shoots the shit.” People are looking for deeper conversation that informs what they’re currently working on.

4. Work-life balance

This seems to be a popular topic no matter what your professional life looks like. Speaking from a freelancing point of view, joining a coworking center has given me tangible boundaries for when and where I work. Being able to change scenes depending on what I’m doing has definitely increased my overall productivity. No more “commuting” downstairs in my boxers.

5. Everything is quicker

One of the biggest pitfalls of working in corporate America is how long it takes for anything to happen. Is the printer out of paper? You’ll need to submit a “request for supplies” through your department head, who will have to run it by her manager, who will send it to the head of HR, who will review it and pass it along to the CEO for final approval. In a coworking center, you can do it yourself without all of the politics and hoops to jump through.

6. Networking redefined

No matter your work situation, meeting others is usually part of the job description. Whether you are looking for a new team member or a new client, networking is important to grow. In a coworking center, not only do you have direct access to other members; you have the ability to tap into their networks also. This speeds up the traditional networking process and makes it way more convenient.

7. Interdisciplinary awareness

In life, one of the hardest things is learning what you don’t know. One of the quickest ways to learn this is to interact with people from different backgrounds and disciplines, day-to-day. Coworking forces you to leave your bubble and ideally work with others who know what you don’t. After all, nothing you create will ever exist in a vacuum.

8. Energy

I know not everyone believes in vibes or Feng Shui, but you are undoubtedly affected by your workspace. The average person spends roughly one third of their life working. Personally, I want to enjoy where I’m spending this time. Most coworking centers have a good balance of productive space and collaborative areas where you can “feel” creativity and innovation taking place.

9. Community

When working in a traditional office, it’s hard to see how your company impacts the local community. A lot of coworking centers position themselves as community hubs that help drive local business and establish mutually beneficial relationships. This can even translate into member discounts at local restaurants and shops.

10. Diversity

There may not be factual data to back this up, but I would venture to say that coworking centers host a more diverse group of people from various walks of life than conventional workplaces. Some companies may be hyper-focused on where potential employees went to school or where they’ve worked in the past. In a coworking environment, members are vetted based on their character, their contributions to the community, and how action-oriented they are.

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